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Meet The Doctor

Edward B. Jones, D.D.S, F.A.G.D, F.A.D.I, F.R.S.H, Diplomat A.A.P.M, Diplomat, A.B.F.E, Diplomat, A.B.F.M, B.C.F.E,  B.C.F.M, DPL. A.A.Na.O.S., Dpl, A.B.D.M.S, F.A.C.F.E., DPL, A.B.F.D

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My early years growing up were always associated within the health professions. My father was a medical doctor (MD) with an unusual ability to understand patients and their medical needs and treat them accordingly.

I believe I probably acquired some of those skills from him. I have always felt that the opportunity to be in the health profession, either as a dentist or medical doctor, has been both an honor and a privilege. When you have the chance to help heal and guide others in their life through example and association, then you have chosen your own position in life wisely.


I did my undergraduate studies at Ohio State University and went on to receive my dental training from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry graduating with honors (cum laude), I received the credentialing of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) upon my completion of the 8 year program. Following graduation, I immediately went into general practice in the Worthington Area.

As a general dentist with advanced training in orthodontics, and T.M. Joint dysfunction,  I have now narrowed my focus of practice to orthodontics, TMJ/TMD and airway dysfunctionsnoring, sleep apnea (OSA/OSH), tinnitus and oral appliance therapy.


In addition, I have been on staff of 3 Columbus hospitals and for 20 years been in association with a large hospital based medical pain management group. I have been in an environment that has allowed me to be exposed to a scope of understanding far beyond the teeth and face. These areas have included over 500 clinical hours of acupuncture and Chinese medicine diagnostics.


Over the years, I was privileged to have had the opportunity to further my own training and increase my knowledge base at such prestigious halls of learning including Baylor University in Texas, NYU Orthodontic department in New York and Loyola University in New Orleans. During my training I have had over 10,000 hours of continuing education from educators throughout the world. I have lectured to several thousand graduate dentists, in the areas of orthodontics, craniofacial & TMJ pain diagnostics and treatment.

In the early 1960′s, I was involved in two separate orthodontic preceptorship programs in Ohio and Illinois.


I have maintained memberships in many organizations including the Ohio Academy of General Dentistry, in which I served as secretary/treasurer and editor for the Academy’s official newsletter. In addition I became the president of the Ohio Academy of General Dentistry for  two terms.  

In 2012, I received the designation, Senior Certified Instructor, from the Instructor’s Institute of the International Association of Orthodontics. The International Association of Orthodontics is a worldwide Orthodontic organization with chapters in most countries throughout the world. The special training prepared me to become a recognized instructor in orthodontics and one specifically trained to write peer-reviewed journal articles in various Orthodontic and dental Journals.


I have been happily married to my wife  Saundra,  for 37 years. She has helped me greatly with my dental business providing the office administration and patient coordination. Together, we have three grown children who live in Ohio, California, and Arizona.

Daily, I use the knowledge of my chosen career to involve myself in community programs such as being a medical team member of  the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Classic.

I have also been involved in the academics of orthodontics. Given the opportunity to share my 50+ years in the profession, I have been writing professionally for various orthodontic journals and have been presenting Orthodontic seminars both nationally and internationally for many years.

As one who has always been interested in the science behind orthodontics and orthopedic growth guidance, my curiosity has led to my developing several diagnostic instruments used in orthodontics for diagnostic purposes. These instruments are being presently being used throughout the world.